As machines get more sentient and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning permeate through all our devices and applications, what does this change and how do we benefit from it? One experiment we conducted was a collaboration with VRT Innovatie on the future of very personalized Empathic Media.

Imagine a television recommender that can sense who you are with, what your day was like, how you feel, why you want to watch some TV, how this influences you, learns from your preferences …

After being unveiled  at the Berlin co-summit on ‘the impact of software innovation’, Spikes Research’s ‘Empathic Media Recommender’ was selected to represent the European ITEA research cluster at Europe’s largest ICT Research Conference in Lisbon. Backstage Spikes’ Research Director Peter Stuer was interviewed by David Wortley, gamification expert, on the application of empathic technologies to gaming. The interview, was published last march as part of a series on the impacts of gamification and immersive technologies on business and society.

Cortana, Siri, Alexa and Assistant are just starting. Whether at home or at work, get ready for machines that come with an advanced psychology degree under their belts, and are not afraid to use it.

Peter Stuer

Peter Stuer

Research Director @ Spikes